• What Does Your T-Shirt Do?
  • Engineering Cotton Fields
  • Slavery (1793-Present)
  • Slavery 2
  • The Industry of Retail and Nominal Prices
  • The Seeds of Industrialization
  • The Value of Time
  • Collectofus


TheseThingsTakeTime is a customizable curriculum for the 21st century emphasizing individualized learning across disciplines, problem solving and action from understanding. Designed by Liz Ricketts and Branson Skinner of the.or network, TheseThingsTakeTime guides students, and all involved, to explore how the existence and acceptance of waste affects the entire planet. The curriculum uses the cotton t-shirt, a common item that most of us own in multiples yet spend little time considering, to exemplify how one seemingly simple product has a very complicated story. To do this, all participants study the life cycle of their personal t-shirt starting with the present, continuing into the past and finishing with an examination of their t-shirt’s future...made possible by their decisions.

Access to the alpha version of TheseThingsTakeTime is currently on an invitational basis.

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